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Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

   Sep 07

Improving Business with the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

The mission of the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia is five-fold. First of all, the Association works hard to protect the legal rights of its members as well as striving to guarantee their privileges.

Secondly, the coalition considers it crucial to its mandate to provide and give help to its members when communicating, or discussing issues with the relevant governmental agencies.

The Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia also provides a venue for its members where they can exchange their experiences and ideas.

Whenever possible, the Coalition will provide a united front so that concerns and issues that affect members of the association can be addressed and dealt with.

In addition the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia will promote a “Sprit of Friendship and Cooperation” between all of its members, benefiting all.

The Coalition also sponsors events.

   Mar 23

Proserpine Line

Because the line of Proserpine hirologam little known, the author briefly describes its importance. Line of Proserpine is extremely rare, especially in shape, mainly in the form of scraps, hints on the line. Line of Proserpine indicates the great wisdom of man. But this is not life 'wisdom' (as would have been better and more comfortable to settle in present life), and the karmic wisdom, the wisdom of giving the knowledge of eternity, and ways of karmic evolution (as well as its other people). Line Proserpine – is divine wisdom (if this line is clearly delineated, deep and long). People with a line of Proserpine on the palms are (from life to life), higher power, fate of these people managed Above. People with line of Proserpine is philosophical (supreme wisdom), but not one that gives the signet of Solomon. People with a line of Proserpine are in a constant trance of uninterrupted meditation.

These people are simultaneously present in our world and other worlds. They have a very high karmic mission, which they carry out from life to life, reincarnated and born again. Simultaneously, higher forces allow these people to enter the thought of all mysteries of life and all the secrets Genesis. People with a line of Proserpina saw bases (sources) of all life and the karmic process, as well as the outcome (result) of any process of Being. In human communication, these people are intellectuals and intuitive. People with the line Proserpina karma gives the opportunity to participate in the mysteries of karmic life and transmutation, transformation, transition to a different quality

   Mar 17

China Export

Thus, the government passed, through the Advice of State, to extend the assistance technique and financier to the groups interested in multiplying its capital rejection of the country. More it was from 2002 that the process of Chinese internationalization if became more assertive and aggressive. This year marks the beginning of Global the Going phase of the emergent economies, from when the government it starts to long for to not only become its proteges transnational companies capable to compete in igualitrias conditions with Europeans and North Americans, as well as it starts to eliminate the relative barriers to the capital exit. Moreover, the government looks for to decentralize the procedures of approval of exit of resources, to simplify the procedures bureaucratic that authorize the capital exit, also becoming several of these virtual procedures, and extending the subsidies (as tax of lesser interests of what the practised ones for the market) and exemptions for exporting companies, saw banks (China Development Bank-CDB and China Export and Import Bank- Exim Bank). In 2004, the government still launches, as Acionly and Leo (2011), the Guideline will be Investments in Overseas Countries Industries, a guide to facilitate the prospection of business-oriented chances for the company Chinese, and a data base with information on diverse countries and its business-oriented environments. Another point that the Chinese government comes giving special prominence in these we tlimos years of the call Global Going phase is the reinforcement of the external politics. The president not only comes making innumerable trips the businesses, but also the country comes establishing a series of treat bilateral that guarantee the legal protection of the Chinese investments and the Chinese investors, over all in Latin America and in Africa, beyond the increase of the number of consulates. In this way, it is clearly the concern of the Chinese State in promoting, since early, the internationalization of its companies and, more important, subordinated to the necessities of the State, thus promoting competitive strategical industrial sectors and with high yield. The result is not alone a bigger Chinese presence in the world, but a more active and prominent China in the international scene. 1 Resource to seeker

   Feb 28

Opposite Direction

Surely the majority of the people we considered owners of our own destiny. We are going to work to maintain our family. We make diet or exercises to maintain our health. We read newspapers to be updated and so it happens in our city, our country or in the world. And we maintain one pretends confidence that we are directed in our life. But that happens when we felt that never we arrived at destiny.

We were that we cannot vacacionar because or we did not join the sufficient money or we did not manage to have one or two weeks free, without commitments to travel. Or, perhaps, never we began our favorite sport because the schedules do not agree to us; etc., etc. The answer to all this is that we did not take the correct actions and ordinates in our daily life. If we managed to take an agenda, like the labor one, but of our daily life; it would be all the organized year of such form that we could fulfill yet what we want to do. But for this the first step is to know, exactly, which we want to do; that it is what in truth desire of my life. Step I number one to discover What is what me it makes happy and but master? next steps to take the actions that only take that to us our happiness. To manage to have intelligent goals, gives the security us that all our actions are directed to a same objective. To be concentrates in a plan to follow for which we have been forgetting the banal problems and we focus our mind in something positive, obtaining that the unconscious one only attracts that we want, that to where we want to arrive. Mariana cambiandolavida.

   Feb 13

Dog Tail

But what I say my dog? True, we say that very often did not speak. Well, it should not be given their human feelings. Yet our four-legged friends know very well understood. And, if not through a speech by other means that we must learn to decode in order to be closer to our canine friends. Oh, you dog wags his tail! Oh, you mean he's happy, everybody knows that. Yes, but not all. If the tail is an extension of the topline or higher, and that moves quickly and energetically, then yes he is happy. He feels the walk or to express his joy to see you.

It will also be this attitude if you play with his friend Rover. Even if you complain were scuffles with force is only a game But if your dog is not safe, they do not understand your order, try to capture your attention and stir gently with the tail-down position. It 's also a sign of total submission to God and His Master: Tu. The higher the tail will be low as the emotion will strong and the dog uncomfortable. As fast-moving, twisting shows great emotion and stress. The ears are also … speak.

By their nature, the ears, drooping or sagging seeds will not have the same expressive power. Some breeds are therefore disadvantaged. But in all well-trained ears indicate that the attention that the dog is at attention, he hears, "Huh? Quest do you say? What? What do you want?" E 'on alert.

   Feb 07

Selling Chinese Cars

The fact that we in Russia have opened assembly plants, many car manufacturers know a long time, but that Chinese cars also heard for the first time and was surprised. Immediately began to wonder what would happen if they did producers are not the best quality products will assemble cars in the country where there has never managed to make a good car in the truest sense of the word. And so he decided to visit first got dealership for the sale of Chinese cars in St. Petersburg. This salon was 'Amity Motrs'. Under the guise of zaintereresovannogo buyer came to the salon sales of Chinese cars Lifan, car dealership to the article "Amity Motors' can hardly be called, well God be with him, because Mercedes does not sell, and so I proceeded to the choice of the Chinese automobile manufactured in Russia. We started with a tour of the car Lifan Breeze, just throw in the gaps if their eyes so you can call, they are not the most narrow and flat, similar to our native VAZovskie.Sadimsya in salon, close the door, feeling it from the foil, and for security reasons it is not much help, but there are a couple of airbags. Salon leather, but that's only heat I had so and have not found the cabin space is very small, it can be for the Chinese and normal, but in my opinion for the statistical average midsize Russians are very close, finishing an ordinary nothing memorable and not attracting, plastic cheap, visible cracks, and from experience I know if there is a gap in a month through 2 grit will be all plastic interior. shorter than our native villages in the Russian car, just in a different wrapper. Perhaps the only advantage of this car is its price, a little over 300,000 rubles, with the 'foreign car'))))), perhaps for those who Peresyad of Lada car that seems a worthy replacement.

   Dec 06

Belm Mockups

To insert here the photo of the mockups, being indicated what it represents what. Moreover, during the process, one revealed as they can be worked in classroom, some mathematical or artistic contents. This moment was one of most important of the research, therefore we approach the education of geometry and aspects of the civil construction. For example: as the professors can approach the vision partner-interacionista, activity that is associated with the reality of the pupils, a time that the mockups are of constructions that represent partner-cultural aspects of the city of Belm of Par. In this way, we reflect the relation of geometric figures and civil constructions of our city. DEVELOPMENT OF THE ACTIVITY WITH THE MOCKUPS? SCHEMATICAL REPRESENTATIONS OF IMPORTANT BUILDING IN THE CAPITAL OF PAR. With regard to the analysis of the developed didactic activity, one got positive answers with regard to the potential of the use of the mockups as teach-learning process. However, one perceived that many investigated had not known to answer the one that if would attribute this potencializao.

However a parcel of the pedagogia pupils related this potencializao to the fact of geometry is inserted inside of the reality of the pupil, as considers the PCN? s (BRAZIL, 1997, P. 21) ' ' The Etnomatemtica looks for to leave of the reality and to arrive at the pedagogical action in natural way, by means of a cognitivo approach with strong recital cultural' '. Part of the interviewed ones, despite a small number had obtained, to identify in the activity a relation with the daily one of the pupil. This data become interesting due these pupils to be future professionals of the education and need to know the importance of if working with the reality of the pupil, as a teacher told who worked with mockups in its group in an article of an educational magazine whose prominence of Santomauro (2009.

   Nov 18

Tang Dynasty

There were specific types of Chinese painting – (end 26str.) Regulation of the existing art in Confucian ideology. Artistic speech desire to remind people of morality of the past "golden age". Created by constructive and decorative elements of architectural structures (the system set brackets angle bends roofs or "flying roof". Pictures of small formats, were written on silk, fans, screens, sheets of paper (8, 10 and 12 sheets of albums). Characterized by a close picturesque, poetic and kaligraficheskaya relationship that is inherent in Chinese decorative works of art for all obschii object – the brush. During the period covered Khans pottery decorated with geometric designs. During this period, producing gold, bronze mirrors, silk, jade.

From the III., Buddhism spread from India in the caves of the rock temples of the monastery, as the figure of the Buddha. Built and wooden churches. In aleyah imperial graveyards, called street soul, established figures of animals and other stone statues. Shows the first scenery, laid the foundations of art theory. Tang Dynasty (618-907) in the form of painting new genres: portraits.

Fifth Dynasty (907-960) – created the first Art Academy, where he paid much attention to theory and technique of painting. In the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) in urban areas to create artificial lakes and gardens, distinctive sculptural forms, landscape prevails. During young Mughal dynasty (1279-1368) architecture and art traditions adhered to tango and Soong. Special heights reached ink painting and varnishing. Sculptures made of clay, wood, bronze. Were set up tombstones (Army China's first emperor Qin Shi Hwang-ti of the 7,000 life-size form-200m), an important role in the history of Chinese culture played an ancient Chinese book of wisdom and fortune, called "The Book of Changes".

   Nov 11

New Testament

The following chapters and many other expressions put into the mouth of God in Christianity’s holy book are no more reassuring. a If this is added the ostentatious ceremonies, sumptuous costumes, rituals, traditions, strict hierarchical organization and the precepts and tenets established by the senior management of this institution would not be accompanied understandable that people of other faiths, or atheists and freethinkers who do not want to accept a God so cruel and bloodthirsty, and doubt wondering if God really exists! Faced with such terror, enjoying life and not worry about is a consequence in any case less dangerous. a However, happily, in the New Testament, Jesus of Nazareth presents a very different God. The actions of the Son of God in his time to show us a true man of the people who made a living from the work of their own hands, living in humble conditions, respecting the lives of their fellow man and animals, warning , not threatening, that what was being played with the smallest of creatures was doing to him. Jesus of Nazareth announced a kind and loving father of his human children, a God who obviously has nothing to do with that before us in the Old Testament, which according to Catholic dogma is an integral part of the Bible. Two German theologians, Neuner and Roos, summarized the dogmas of the Church in the book “Faith of the Church in the documents of the enactment of education”, and Nu 85 clearly state that “whoever not accept the tradition of the Church in its entirety, written and unwritten, which is excluded “is excluded as well as cursed forever.

For questions that do not fit, these authors added in the Nu 98: “Whoever does not recognize as canonical sacred writings all the books of Scripture, with all its parts, as mentioned by the Council of Trent, or who refuses to have been inspired by God, it excluded. ” A good listener, few words are enough, the saying goes, and anyone compare the threats of the God of the Old Testament with the most current and existing dogmas that underpin this perspective, no other wish than likely will depart as quickly as possible in such a cruel divinity. a So it is understandable that with such contradictory facts and with a divine perspective so terrible, those describing themselves as atheists and freethinkers, have reacted by placing eye-catching phrases on the buses. God is, whether they like it or not it presented in a manner so reprehensible, a God of freedom, love and justice. l a loves his children unconditionally and leads to the temptation and, as stated in another misrepresentation, he sent his son and before and after him many other enlightened men and women, to show mankind the way back home to heaven. In the current prophetic word given in Universal Life, the God of love again reach out to their children. It is a hand that even atheists and freethinkers can take, since he is a free God is not tied to dogmas or rituals or live in temples of stone, which frees their children and that makes no difference of race or creed that does not punish or threat and who loves all equally. a.

   Nov 11


In June 2009 he presented before the world community of poets, the Rima Jotabe, based on a closed structure of eleven eleven-syllable verses of consonant rhyme. In 2009 he made three conferences.The silent Valencia (repopulate is return to populate) in Cardona and Vives, Castellon.2000 Years of Valencian Language in the Group of action Valencian, Valencia.The sayings and proverbs as a means of expression literary gatherings of Manises. Manises. Also in 2009 he participated in the gatherings of Rabosa FM Radios, Radio Godella and Castellon Castalia TV. In September 2009, it presents to the world community, Valjove, an artificial language that after five years of coding, can say that it is a language of very simple learning and use. In March 2010 he participates as a rhapsode in 60 anniversary of the grouping literary friends of the poetry of Valencia. In April 2010 he was appointed Consul of the movement poets of the world by Valencia. In May 2010 he participated as rapporteur in the sixth Coalition Valencian Foral Congress, with the paper, the importance of printed literature.

Participates in various tributes to poets and writers, such as Mario Benedetti, organized by gathering the attic. Miguel Hernandez, organized by the literary grouping of friends of the poetry of Valencia. And Vicente Blasco Ibanez, organized by the Ateneo Blasco Ibanez de Valencia. He collaborated on by print magazine, current Mon, and collaborates with current and vivid print journals, SOM, Revers, Lliteralia and Renou. As well as also collaborate or collaborated as usual signature in digital diaries Gregal Digital, Cardona and Vives, La Alcazaba, Poe + or El Palleter with articles today, poetry and works of research, both in Valencian and Castilian. He has also published articles in the newspaper Las Provincias. Currently studying final year of teacher of Valencian language of Lo Rat Penat. He is a member of; Asociacion Valenciana of writers and critics literary (key) Association of writers in language Valencian (AELLVA) network world of writers in Spanish (REMES) Sociedad international de Autores (Sane Society) poets of the literary Mundoagrupacion, friends of the poetry of Cultural Valenciaasociacion, Cardona and Vives of literary Castellonagrupacion Castellon, friends of the poetry (ALCAP) Awards: 2007 Prize Adlert novel CXXXV floral games of the city and Kingdom of Valencia with the novel, the man who lost the 2008 laughter award Adlert novel CXXXV floral games of the city and Kingdom of Valencia with the novel, fly 2009 Research Prize of the Valencian Languagethe Cultural Association of Cardona and Vives of Castellon, with the play, 1,000,000 years B.

   Nov 09

Lesser Asia

Jeitosinha for there would be enough an astronaut to engravidar one. The Portuguese if had amused with the indians and them they had liked. What badly had in this? The physical attraction, the force of the instinct, especially under a demand restrained for the long trips, can populate all universe. On the other hand, the domain of genetic engineering is capable to surpass difficulties in the scale of the evolution. Only not material mixture genetic human being with of some animal because we have moral impediment this way. But it are there, everything can change form. It goes to more than depend the necessity on what of the morality in the hour of the decisions. Terrena justice will be far excessively for taking knowledge and acting.

If the military interests not to fall in the ear of the people never pass for the bolter of justice. You of the armies they take decisions in another sphere, what it does not hinder that had to a denunciation an employee of the justice sent for the judiciary power and the Senate, one sat, comes to bother them when the evil already it will be made. God means ' ' brilhante' ' can have a infinity of explanations for this, as much in the theology how much in science and the technology. In the agreement of this word only these last possibilities had been not yet taken in account seriously. Since when Zeus it turned God, it was seeming that only an agreement would be possible.

The philosophy Greek was born in Lesser Asia, from where it received come knowledge of the Mesopotmia it remodelled and them as it was the Greek custom. The judaism, refractory the reforms, also came of there. Therefore they had different aspects: one inhaling for the understanding and another one demanding the obedience. However, it had an identity enters these cultures in conflict helenismo and judaism that Filon knew well to use to advantage, in the attempt to alliviate the Greek tensions on the Jewish community of Alexandria.