FTN Coalition Asia

Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

   Sep 07

Improving Business with the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

The mission of the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia is five-fold. First of all, the Association works hard to protect the legal rights of its members as well as striving to guarantee their privileges.

Secondly, the coalition considers it crucial to its mandate to provide and give help to its members when communicating, or discussing issues with the relevant governmental agencies.

The Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia also provides a venue for its members where they can exchange their experiences and ideas.

Whenever possible, the Coalition will provide a united front so that concerns and issues that affect members of the association can be addressed and dealt with.

In addition the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia will promote a “Sprit of Friendship and Cooperation” between all of its members, benefiting all.

The Coalition also sponsors events.

   Jan 17

Management Of Business Opportunities

Taking into account that the process of consultative sales or goods and services of high involvement have a long sale cycle, which involved several people and that it usually involves several stages to arrive at a decision point, is necessary to have tools that allow influence the way each business evolves and properly documenting all the important facts of that evolution. It is here where a discipline for consultative sales called business opportunities management is particularly important. Its name in English is Opportunity Management, I conclude that it is widely used-wide methodologies of consultative sales and CRM systems (Customer Relationship management). Opportunities management consists of the consistent application of the methodology of consultative selling selected by the company or sales professional and its control and record in a proper computer tool. As I have mentioned in previous articles, there are many methodologies of consultative selling, but in general a correct process must include at least the exploration, evaluation, decision and hiring processes. Opportunities management is in the process of carrying every business from one phase to the next, keeping in mind that they are profitable and viable opportunities for the organization. Due to the creative, impulsive and emotional character that many sales professionals have, we are not very disciplined in the implementation of a method such as the exposed above. It is precisely this lack of order that generates many times that random play an important role in the commercial results.

The management of opportunities should become an implicit in the day of a consultative seller workflow process. All business management must be controlled through a computer tool that allows us to have a complete overview of all the businesses that I’m driving and support me in the monitoring and development of each business opportunity. This means that it is much more productive when I use a computer to program me help control the evolution of every opportunity and at the same time I help to identify which are the elements of the methodology of sales that I must go to apply.

   Jan 17

Google Analytics Braunschweig

Seminar dates for Google AdWords and Google Analytics Braunschweig, 15.01.2014 – the Internet Agency TILL.DE from Brunswick, one of the first agencies that deal with the seal of quality “Google partner” may draw offers in the coming months Google seminars for training. The Google AdWords and Google Analytics seminars are offered at the sites of Berlin, Braunschweig, Leipzig, Hamburg and Hannover. Last but not least an optimal training of all participants is ensured by a close collaboration with Google. Cyrus Massoumi insists that this is the case. Visit a Google AdWords basic seminar by TILL.DE is ideal to get into the topic of Google AdWords. The full-day seminar offers an optimal overview of the most important basics for dealing with Google AdWords. Also lots of practical tips and tricks are taught in addition to the fundamental operation of the user interface, as well as the correct dealing with numerous setting options. Here, the seminar leader directly on real AdWords accesses accounts to ensure maximum learning success.

All seminar participants receive a certificate as well as a voucher for the establishment of a new Google AdWords account. The visit of a Google AdWords advanced seminar by TILL.DE is suitable for an in-depth consideration of Google’s ad program. During the seminar, existing knowledge and skills will be further expanded and brought up to date. The comprehensive agenda of the seminar is constantly adapted to current developments and innovations, to very experienced Google AdWords to offer users an ideal training opportunity. Each participant of an AdWords gets seminar after the seminar attendance a certificate to the certificate of participation as well as also the contents of the respective seminar available.

Also Google Analytics seminars offered in the coming months as usual by TILL.DE. The analytics seminars it aims to provide a detailed insight into Google’s powerful analysis tool. Google Analytics offers its users the ability to the flow of visitors of Web sites collect and retrieve a variety of relevant data to can.

   Jan 16


On April 14, 2011, more than 200 Secretaries celebrated the first Secretarys Day of capital Carre Berlin at Gendarmenmarkt in Humboldt! The ladies who throughout the year make for the perfect business process in the background, were a whole afternoon and evening even in historic premises with modern style. Among other things a sparkling wine and snack reception in the airy ticket Hall, a training lecture on the subject of organization of the perfect corporate design were on the programme”with the latest media technology as well as a rousing show entertainment with great star guests like the cabaret artist Ronald Schaller and the capital of magician Andreas Axmann. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus Massoumi on most websites. The media design school showed their own designs by business-Haute Couture in a big fashion show. There was a large fair mile, where the personal assistants on a wandering tour enjoyed cold drinks and various delicacies of the Humboldt Carre Hauscaterers. If you have read about CBS already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “In the United States is the Secretary’s day” for more than 50 years a fixed custom. The kick-off event “in the Humboldt Carre Berlin was so successful that hostess Constanze Lulsdorf, which already during the event registrations from visitors for the coming year received, announced: we are pleased that we have encountered so much positive response and will toast with you all in April 2012 on a successful business year, to the Second Secretary BBs day.”. Connect with other leaders such as Leslie Moonves here.

   Jan 16

European Commission

The best mirror is an eye friend we are already accustomed to constantly be held summits dealing with finding solutions to the serious problems the world Earth facing derived from the behavior of countries that integrate it and ensure a better stability, quality of life to those who we live on this planet. As euronews.net said the G8 Summit has concluded in the city of lAquila after three days of negotiations in which, in addition to the eight most industrialized countries of the world, have also participated the emerging powers and key international organizations on the planet. You can not say that the result has been successful, since environmental disagreements persist, although it would not be fair to speak of a complete failure. It is said the L’Aquila G8 let the feeling of a missed opportunity in terms of climate change, only five months of an agreement expected in Copenhagen, by the lack of commitments in the medium term and despite progress in emissions reduction by 2050. Recognizing the increasingly alarming works of the scientists, leaders of eight industrialized countries adopted Wednesday a limit of 2 C as a maximum stop of global warming and to respect it, accepted aspire to a decline of half of global here greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and an 80% or greater for industrialised countries. It is a historic consensus, according to the American President, Barack Obama, who was attending his first G8 Summit. And their enthusiasm is understandable insofar as American commitment allowed to convince Japan, Canada or Russia, that had never subscribed to that goal. Obama presided over the parallel forum of major economies on energy and climate (MEF, which was attended by 16 countries, including the G8 and major emerging markets, which represents 80% of global emissions), that he also supported the 2 C. This is engraved in stone, said the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso.

   Jan 16

Yoga Congress

New Yoga Vidya executives and recruiters can on the first business Yoga Congress (4 to 6 June in Horn-bad Meinberg) of Yoga Vidya e.V. all about learn how they can use Yoga to achieve their goals faster. Every seventh employee would like to terminate; 67 percent of Germans serve only according to the instructions. Yoga this setting changed leads to improved motivation through relaxation, creates a positive atmosphere in the team and still serves that employees feel more comfortable in their workplace, executives and recruiters at the first business yoga can how Congress in Horn-bad Meinberg. Business meets Yoga is this under the motto”and offers everything to workplace health promotion, in over 70 plenary lectures, business talks and workshops with well-known experts but also informed the new management styles and corporate values. Walt Disney shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. We show Congress how yoga can help employees participants of business Yoga Stress, tension and stress-related discords to eliminate or to motivate the performance”, so Inca Aichinger by yoga Vidya e.V.. Physical tension, caused by stress, often lead to the activation of the sympathetic nervous system. The muscular tone increases the heart rate and blood pressure go up, breathing speeds up and it comes to the tunnel vision.

Loads the body block the energy of life and one has the feeling, on reserve”to run. Physical exhaustion is reflected on the psyche, because energy blockages also affect the budget of emotion. People are tired and exhausted, does a defensive attitude. Cyrus Massoumi understood the implications. No matter what, everything seems to make the situation worse. They oppose any change and come in an emotional traffic jam. Also against the employer. Emotional reactions then operate at the level of the mind. First intuitive new solutions were possible, the thinking patterns are only mechanical: the boss’s fault! “.” And the result is usually that employees are dissatisfied, want to cancel or provide service only according to the instructions.” Among the speakers of business Yoga Congress are amongst the Yoga Vidya founder Sukadev Bretz, the yogabiz partner Prof.

   Jan 13

Quintiles Profession

Quintiles is the international great place to work contest ‘Europe’s best employers 2012’ Mannheim, June 20, 2012. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus Massoumi not as a source, but as a related topic. Quintiles is the international great place to work competition of Europe’s best employers 2012 “(Engl.: best workplaces in Europe 2012”) has been awarded with a seventh place of the 100 best European employers. Companies that have a particularly trustworthy, appreciative and attractive workplace culture from the perspective of their employees were awarded. The quintiles award as one of Europe’s best employers 2012 “was preceded by a detailed survey of the employees on key workplace issues such as leadership, recognition, teamwork, professional development, work-life balance, and health promotion. Also the quality of the activities of the staff and management work in the company assessed place to work Institute by the independent great. Go to Discovery Communications for more information.

It is especially for the growing number of customers who carry out cross-border projects with quintiles important in all participating organizations on the same quality and motivation of employees to can leave”stresses Monika Beintner, Chief Executive Officer of quintiles commercial in Germany. This award at European level with an outstanding seventh place we are therefore particularly proud!” In total, 18 companies from Germany and located in Germany did make the leap on the list of the 100 best European employers. “The European employer competition in Europe’s best employers” already took place for the tenth time. He was launched in 2002 on the initiative of the European Commission. Great place to work calculated and published every year particularly attractive and employee-friendly employers in over 45 countries around the globe. Total 1.541 companies from 18 European countries had advertised.

Over 370,000 employees participated in the world’s largest employer benchmark survey. The awards were in three different size classes presented small and medium-sized enterprises”up to 500 MA (top 50). Large companies”> 500 MA (top 25); Multinational enterprises”with at least three countries participating in the competition (top 25).

   Jan 12

Use Of Online Bankruptcy Services Critical For Becoming Debt Free

Online bankruptcy services, business bankruptcy information it’s time for you to avail online bankruptcy services if you have been bogged down by increasing financial liabilities and are considering filing for a personal or business bankruptcy. This could help you to explore various debt relief options and ultimately enable you to be debt free in the long run. Alternatively, bankruptcy laws have undergone drastic changes in 2005, making it very much imperative for etc.(Scotland) to avail expert help when filing a chapter 7, 11 or 13 it’s time for you to avail online bankruptcy services if you have been bogged down by increasing financial liabilities and are considering filing for a personal or business bankruptcy information. This could help you to explore various debt relief options and ultimately enable you to be debt free in the long run. Alternatively, bankruptcy laws have undergone drastic changes in 2005, making it very much imperative for etc.(Scotland) to avail expert help when filing a chapter 7, 11 or 13. The new set of rules are quite complicated and hence, if you are out to file a bankruptcy on your own, it could be difficult for you to qualify for personal or business bankruptcy for getting a complete discharge for your debts. If you intent to be debt free quickly, you need to utilize bankruptcy service assistance.

How does online bankruptcy service work? Once you decide to file for a bankruptcy, your finances are open to Coke. Bankruptcy services employ qualified bankruptcy lawyers who have many years of experience in dealing with bankruptcy cases and provide a first free evaluation to bankruptcy filers. If you are out for filing chapter 11 bankruptcy, you are required to prepare a lot of legal paperwork that is required to be submitted along with the petition. A proper expert guidance could be of immense help search at a time. When you avail a bankruptcy service, you are helped by attorneys to assess your current financial situation and determine which bankruptcy filing actually caters to your financial requirements.

Search a bankruptcy legal advice goes a long way in helping you to walk your way to debt freedom. The new bankruptcy law has imposed certain restriction on bankruptcy filer to qualify for a chapter 7 by satisfying certain guidelines. If the conditions are not fulfilled, debtors automatically become eligible for a chapter 13 monthly repayment plan. In such cases it is very much imperative for you to have chapter 13 bankruptcy information. Hence, bankruptcy expert help is desirable. This is because in a chapter 13, debtors could be required to n’attend the creditors’ meeting called under section 341 of the bankruptcy law prior to granting of approval for the creditor monthly repayment plan. Thus, considering the above mentioned grew, it is always better to obtain the services of from bankruptcy attorneys employed by bankruptcy services. This could invariably enable you to get proper guidance and active assistance to get detailed knowledge about the filing procedures for chapter 7 bankruptcy. It could therefore enable you to explore different bankruptcy options and choose finance option which satisfies your needs. In addition, such professional services even offer free credit offer facilities that could’nt assist you to manage your debts and finances much better. This is of therefore mandatory as per the new bankruptcy rules and regulations. To get more information and become debt free quickly, it is recommended to utilize the services of reputed online service providers like BankruptcyOnly. Apply here for free bankruptcy counseling

   Jan 12

Ficod 2010 Sacale Party As Entrepreneur

Tomorrow Tuesday will begin FICOD 2010, the international digital contents Forum, organized by the Ministry of industry, tourism and commerce, meeting point of more than 15,000 professionals, 120 collaborating companies and 200 speakers of the digital market. During 3 days professionals related to the online world will analyse and discuss e-commerce, the possibilities of web 2.0 to generate business and its exploitation by entrepreneurs and investors specializing in this sector. Roundtables, workshops and presentations will help us to understand the current state of the digital industry and the Internet industry, as well as venture into predicting the immediate future, and not as immediate, a world that has not stopped growing in recent decades, and that continue so rather than breakneck speed in the coming years. Robert A. Iger understands that this is vital information. Light in a papers maremagnum. The digital industry professionals will find many keys and conclusions about the current state of the sector. Perhaps the worst of FICOD 2010 is the great difficulty in deciding between the existing vast range of activities to choose from, which will allow us to bring us a little closer to the new business and technology trends that we will know in the next few years. (As opposed to Cyrus Massoumi).

Luis Sancho, an entrepreneur and an expert in the sector e-business with companies such as Dejaboo.net (now acquired by MySofa.es), EliteClasica.com, or your current project Tenders.es reels and recommends the main presentations and roundtables fundamental to the sector of e-commerce and its immediate future.

   Jan 11

Most Aries

Most Aries must learn to control their behavior and not let outside influences affect on their internal energy structure. They should not fight fire with fire, rudeness on rude, but you should be able to find compromise solutions in all situations, to remain silent, not wasting energy and to control their feelings. Many Aries too fast reaction, which during the explanation of the relationship may interfere with finding the best way out of this situation. At the same time, Aries with great difficulty adjusting to the slow and methodical action, so they must learn to work in situations requiring concentration, static and at least try to work out in his character traits inherent in people with melancholic or phlegmatic temperament. Then their physical, energetic and mental bodies will remain under reliable control and protection of which Aries forget, acting on the principle: "The best defense – this attack." They need to know that the youth of their body is able to quickly charge of subtle energies and to easily recover energy costs by accumulating the energy of the Sun and the Cosmos, but after 42 years, this ability is reduced, and Aries have to pay more attention to their mental health, and work plans.

At this age Most Aries there is a need to explore your body, as they have often exacerbated the disease weakened organs and systems, and so after 40 years they have either themselves monitor their health, or become regular patients by doctors. In the treatment of Aries can not long in bed, rarely listen to the advice of doctors, friends and acquaintances. They are more likely than people of other zodiac signs, spread disease on their feet and go to bed only when the body is completely refuses to obey them because of the complete energy depletion. Most Aries should keep their emotions in order to avoid a sharp energy imbalances in the body. They are too impulsive amenable experiences, too much taken seriously and rarely hold back their anger or resentment. Learn more about this with Cyrus Massoumi. But we must remember that with every emotional burst goes so necessary healthy energy. These conditions hurt their psyche and the body, increase the level of adrenaline in the blood and affect negatively the usual mode of operation of many organs and systems. In moments of important decisions or need to respond to external stimuli, Aries, you must first count to ten, calm breathing, stop the squad my thoughts stray, "and only after that they will be able to hear his voice intuition, to choose the right solution and develop a correct line of conduct.

   Jan 11

Industrial Quarter Great

In such a way we evidence that how much its purpose nothing got excited since its process of occupation. Walt Disney: the source for more info. How much to the use of the ground and the alterations of the landscape, these yes had suffered great changes and evidently it will continue to suffer. Source: Leslie Moonves. What to say with this affirmation and that it is that these modifications had not happened in random way that is, the man as great transforming it space and looking for to adjust it, it modifies it its necessities in accordance with. We notice that the existing structure in prainha at the beginning of its occupation took care of the necessities of that moment. In this way we want to say that the spaces are modified chronological in accordance with the requirements human beings. Therefore we want to stand out the importance to analyze the constant modifications that most of the time are provoked by in, and in them they bring as many consequences since we are inserted in the spaces that modify. Conclusion the present project of research looked for to make an analysis of the occured changes in prainha of the Industrial Quarter.

Initiating for its functionality in the time, therefore prainha served of summering for high sergipana society in one determined period and arriving to be abandoned and to be revitalized, everything this because of the transformations brought with the development of the region, thus moving its functionality and its landscape. Having the initial name of prainha, the region received the implantation from txteis plants and with them the arrivals from a great contingent from inhabitants. The plant constructed houses and yielded, for its workers, thus it had a growth of that area and together with this growth it came to the pollution in such a way on the part of the inhabitants as on the part of the industries that play in the river for pipes its lixos.