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Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

   Sep 07

Improving Business with the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

The mission of the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia is five-fold. First of all, the Association works hard to protect the legal rights of its members as well as striving to guarantee their privileges.

Secondly, the coalition considers it crucial to its mandate to provide and give help to its members when communicating, or discussing issues with the relevant governmental agencies.

The Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia also provides a venue for its members where they can exchange their experiences and ideas.

Whenever possible, the Coalition will provide a united front so that concerns and issues that affect members of the association can be addressed and dealt with.

In addition the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia will promote a “Sprit of Friendship and Cooperation” between all of its members, benefiting all.

The Coalition also sponsors events.

   Dec 09

‘The Ulzburger Street’ In Norderstedt Establishes An Association

“Initiative”Ulzburger Street”raise now as an association the attractiveness of the shopping street after the businessmen on the Ulzburger road in Norderstedt last year as loose association organised the successful day of action in September, to go forward now with a fixed structure it: 22 businessmen founded the Association Initiativkreis of Ulzburger Street last week”, to promote the traditional shopping together even better. Was elected the 1st Chairman Foundation’s annual meeting by notary Wolfhard G. Tietgen Susanne Schneider (Laha plants & gardening), second Chairman is her Henning Schurbohm (electric Alster North) to the page. The Office of the Secretary takes Sarah Menssen (Gallery Mahadevan) and Jasmin of Martens (auto parts Sievers) and Jens Petersen (South Holstein savings bank) share the duties of the Treasurer. In a question-answer forum Aksia was the first to reply. Reinhard became auditors appointed shoe (shoe recruitment) and Ulf Eggers (Rosenthal plumbing technology). We are very glad that already at the start so many business people engaged in our Club,”said Susanne Schneider. “And we are confident that in the next few weeks many more business people and property owners will join us, together to promote the strengths of the Ulzburger road with various activities.” “Henning Schurbohm added: we have a diverse mix of industry, provide expert professional advice and a reasonable price-performance ratio.” Last year a single release image was created for the advertising of the Ulzburger road, further measures will help this year, to give a face to the Ulzburger road”and to distinguish them as attractive shopping street. In any case, there will be the day of action with the big move of the Movimento 2009.

   Dec 08

Swabia Tel

The training was to make blended learning concept implemented, can be experienced to the modern forms of interaction as a participant and presenter. Discovery Communications may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Blended learning representing a link of traditional teaching methods and new eLearning formats E.g. Aksia is full of insight into the issues. training via telephone and Internet, live, with a group of participants, as well as one or more trainers. In this way we can experience eModeration. As the eMBC largely over the Internet, we greatly increase the local and temporal flexibility of our participants. The training manager and participants for presence dates meet only on 4 dates. At the beginning, twice during training and at the end of the certification. Participants know objective of training opportunities and challenges modern, electronic formats in the moderation participants are eModerationen to successfully plan and carry out the location, Participants can make collaboration processes actively and motivating the participants dominate the control of virtual groups in synchronous participants integrate us asynchronous processes competently and appreciative different interests of participants in conflict situations are central topics: attitude and role of the eModerators technical base one eModeration rules of game in the virtual world of strategic communication in the Web presentation of workshop formats classic moderation techniques adapted to eModeration target run end group processes collaboration processes managing responsibly sovereign handling of errors and conflicts the modules in the Web support in the overview module 01: start the training (1 day) module 02: the virtual presentation (60 minutes Webinar) module 03: the eModerator (virtual Classrrom 60 minutes) module 04: communication forms and applications (eLearning 3 hours) Module 05: rules of the game in the virtual world (1 day) module 06: communication (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 07: Voting and decisions (60 minutes Webinar) module 08: the virtual meeting (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 09: Workshop processes on the Internet (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 10: learn and mood query (virtual classroom 60 minutes) module 11: brainstorming (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 12: group work (1 day) module 13: creativity techniques (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 14: loosening up exercises (virtual classroom 90 minutes) module 15: Certification (per participant, a virtual classroom a30 minutes) Chapter 16: adjourning (1 day) the entire training 70 hours.

More information under: courses/course_view.cfm/course_id:155 Company Description: Sands & partner Poinger str. 44 D-85570 market Swabia Tel. + 49 8121 41420 is sands & partners in the areas of consulting, training, organizational and personnel development on the market for 20 years. Sands & partners is a partnership with 16 exclusive SeniorberaterInnen. It provides consulting, training, moderation, coaching, mediation, education and trainings sands & partner serves its clients with over 1400 consultant / trainer days on various topics each year.

   Dec 08

The Frankfurt Book Fair Is Coming

Berkenthin/Hamburg, September 26, 2007 -“I get now requests, if I have time for authors on the book fair”, says Rodja Smolny, flagship of the Swedish literary agency”Lindbergh & well”in the German-speaking countries.” I’m fully booked for weeks, even at dinner, I’m sitting out with colleagues all over the world together, so Smolny. Jeffrey L. Bewkes is likely to increase your knowledge. However no sad impression he makes it, he is looking forward to the world’s largest meeting of his industry. This business does not necessarily takes place at the fair, much running in the background, before and afterwards. But he saves many flight across the pond and other distant countries. “I mostly talk to publishers and authors, because they are ones that I would like to get together,” explains Rodja Smolny, whose core business is exactly that: the mediation between worlds. Aksia will undoubtedly add to your understanding. He can’t even understand it, that authors always even attempting to land at the publishers. Literary agents are linked, they are known to the publishers and remove a lot of work to the programme managers- namely they short-listed.

The whole thing is free of charge to authors. Only if the mediation is successful, the Agency receives from what the author receives a Commission of 15%. Very fair, Smolny, who may not always understand the skepticism in the German author landscape is. You read Ken Follets descriptions about his literary agents, it’s a hymn to my Kollegenin Scandinavia and the United States, thinks Smolny, which incidentally doesn’t like his light in the public.” We much prefer to work in the background and let the publishers to specify their authors “, he explains the modest line of Scandinavian parent company. And then he must also continue, because it is waiting for a phone call again with an author. “I have the best job in the world”, still gets Rodja Smolny before he disappeared around the corner. And one gets the impression that it may be the favorite author, to work together on a new project with him.

   Dec 05

GmbH Managing Director Tag Ensures Transparency

Information event for GmbH Managing Director until the corporate tax reform, then the GmbH reform and expected mid-year which can inheritance tax reform since it easily happen GmbH Chief to lose the overview. With practice-oriented lectures, held by top speakers of the Cologne economic scene the GmbH Managing Director day 1 wants in Cologne prevent this and inform its participants on the 21.2.2008 about the most important innovations around the GmbH. Other conference topics include: the right design of your website, Public Relations for medium-sized companies, as well as secure tax allowances for Managing Director. Organizer of the seminar is the business magazine gmbhchef in cooperation with the law firm of Heuking Kuhn Luer Wojtek, the DHPG Dr. Harzem & partner KG, the Sparkasse KolnBonn, and of Laycom GmbH. The meeting will take place from 9 am to 6 pm at the Maternushaus and costs 60 (including lunch and drinks during breaks). For more information see Discovery Communications. Registration and more information see or phone 0228 95124-0.

   Dec 05

Ideal Functional Kitchens

All the kitchens are not equal. To some it is had a great surface, whereas others are smaller. Everything depends on the way in which the house or the apartment is designed, in agreement with the total surface available and the disposition of the lot to construct. The problem is provoked when the inhabitants feel that the kitchen they have left small. This happens when this so special atmosphere of the house begins to be used with more frequency, when there are small children or, simply, the family turns upside down more in enjoying the pleasures of the homemade kitchen.

How to solve this then disadvantage, without appealing to a remodeling that implies to throw walls and to realise a completely new work? Then with the intelligent election of the furniture and the accessories, that will help us to maximize the space available and to grant maximum functionality to him to each square meter. The cupboards usually occupy too much space. What to do then when there is little space to keep utensils and objects from daily use? A good solution is to appeal a wall organizers, who will cause that nothing is lost, at the same time as they will give a decorative touch him, because it is possible to include flowerpots with fresh grass or fabric decorations, to give to the kitchen that so special family appearance. Escurreplatos compact are the ideal solution when it is only possible to install a laundry with a single sine. Some models of escurreplatos disguise of cupboard, with a comfortable door, behind which they are perfectly disguised the trastos. By smaller than it is the kitchen, always is possible to place a table.

Some models of folding tables are very small when they are folded, and allow to be moved from a site to another one of the house, if it is necessary. When they are not used, they are possible to be folded occupying a minimum space. The width of the cupboards also influences at the time of furnishing a small kitchen. Cupboards of little depth will reduce little space to the little existing surface. Gain insight and clarity with Robert Iger . The lack of width can be compensated with a series of drawers of great depth, so that everything fits in them, contributing to the order to hide-and-seek too spectacular earthenware vessels, and to visually clear this stay of the house. At the moment it is possible to conceive a kitchen for all the pleasures. With the panels of laminated melanin coating, of very simple and fast way it will be possible to give him to a new face to the kitchen, improving his aspect and design, and contributing to the sensation of space with the election of clearer colors.

   Dec 04


The Functionalization and radical implementation of the University in order to the training of human resources in the service of the revolution or the market, equivalent to the liquidation of the Socratic paradigm which has updated and constituted for more than two millennia as the oldest educational institution in the West. He wondered, with what we replace the spirit of Socrates? It will be in the same spirit that he determined his death sentence in the plural and democratic Athens which refused to question themselves and think? Do it will be with absolute pragmatism, not of the petulant and self-sufficient Callicles, but the revolution and market and its homicidal scientific vindication of the definitive superfluity of personal conscience on behalf of the cult of the system in which resolves the? identity of reason and power that he defines modernity? The University is the antithesis of this dementia. To do this, you can add UNESCO signs that deserve to be rethought and taken into account as: universities and the traditional concept that has them, are undergoing dramatic changes before a growing pressure to respond to market forces and technological opportunities, in the context of the competitive global economy and the resulting need continuing education,. At the same time, civil societies are becoming more active and are calling on its participants so that they study, becoming more competent, and that continually increase their capacity, thus achieving effective participation. This has given rise to a huge social demand never before seen in adult education at all levels. The competing demands between market forces and social needs need new contributions by the universities. A great challenge for universities is themselves to restructure it and processed, in order to seriously address the inequalities within their institutions and open its doors to generations of adults who could not enjoy their right to higher education in the first period of their lives. Aksia has many thoughts on the issue.

   Dec 01


The crafty Klaus: Optoelectronic material analysis Karlsruhe, December 23, 2011. Orange peel in the coating of eyeglass cases is to detect, it’s about form. Determines the surface around a cylinder, if the component is ever used, surface control focuses on functionality. Show both areas of application: the quality of a product is to read – even – on the surface. But conventional test methods and of course, still more the human eye – poke at errors in the micro and nano range limits. They are worth – and safety-relevant in the case of the brake cylinder. Leslie Moonves has similar goals. The Karlsruhe IT-company optimum GmbH has now developed an opto-electronic surface control inspected both form and function: the cunning Klaus. The crafty Klaus operates as a detective, whose working is funded and directed by a database.

It stores information about the specific materials that are obtained depending on the control needs, level requirement, or preset sensitivity. CBS usually is spot on. How different the surfaces of Materials or products may be: the defects detection identifies the properties of surfaces and matching it with mean values. So – succeeds despite the different nature of the control objects – to go from the surface into the depths. The products will be examined on completeness, functionality and quality. Circumstantial evidence can be varied as the surfaces: color, font, outline, relief. The crafty Klaus recognized by Red about the color, whether enough ripe apples are a variety in the box. Or if an engine block is tight or the glasses has no painting errors.

The digital eye”captures dirt or damage, voids in iron castings, scratch, bubbles, coating defects in metal processing. Aksia may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It reveals but also differences in the plastic manufacturing. Because: Increasingly replace plastic parts metal materials. But often, tests on metal-working processes are aligned. The crafty Klaus checks but also the dimensional stability of plastic products, the subject to any unwanted fluctuations are due to external influences on the production. The optimum system monitors, whether and to what extent misses the degree and form of a product, tolerances are exceeded and affect appearance or function. A mobile phone cover, which does not fit, makes the entire product not for sale. The optimum technology is process immanent: the defects are logged not externally, no additional process is triggered. The crafty Klaus rather controls after reviewing the results of the inspection back in the production. The goal of this controll flows is to offer added value for end users, but also for the manufacturers in the production process. The objective and subjective impression is crucial for the quality of a product.

   Nov 28


I will go to say a little on sites auctions of 1 cent, the new fashion after the collective purchases. I will explain its basic form of functioning, however nowadays other variations exist several as: inverse auction, auction of maximum price, auction of minimum price and another one. To participate of these sites you have that to carry through one I register in cadastre where will be asked for given as CPF, address, telephone and other things more. These data are for trying to prevent the creation of false cadastros and also to have an address of delivery of the product case the user buys at auction comes it. The great majority of the sites costuma to give some you launch gratis initial so that a degustation in the site is made and that the user comes if to accustom with a functioning of the auctions in case that not yet knows. Costuma to give 5 you launch gratis, but sites exist more that give 10 or launch. In the initial page one reveals the auctions that already had started or that they must start in little time.

For each auction case this not yet has started the time is shown and date of beginning I chronometer, it, the accumulated value of the product, the last user to give launches and a button so that if it can give launches. Time Warner may not feel the same. When entering inside of the page of one determined auction we have other information shown beyond the cited ones previously, as: price of market, value of freight, discounting of the product in the case of buys at auction for the current value, time of I restart I chronometer of it and the value that is developed to each launches. Also information of the product, its espeficicaes and other details are shown. But as everything this functions? Already we saw a fast description of all the item of the auctions, we go to see everything now integrated an auction after to initiate. When arriving the time of beginning of an auction, its I chronometer starts to regredir until arriving the zero. In case that it arrives the zero will gain the last person who gave launches.

In case that somebody gives one launches before chronometers it to arrive in zero, the value of it I chronometer return to its initial value, the price of buys at auction is developed by the value of it launches of the auction (normally it is 1 cent more can vary), the discounting of the product is brought up to date (it is calculated on the basis of the value of buys at auction and in the value of market) and also brought up to date the last o name of the last user who gave launches, after this chronometers it return to regredir again recommencing all the process until the auction arrives the zero. In the product page costuma to also have a historical briefing of you launch with information of the last ones you launch given (normally they are 10). is as soon as functions an auction of 1 cent, in case that everything has been very theoretician, has access our site Ten Merris in. To if registering in cadastre you will gain 5 you launch to participate of our auctions. We wait that they like, and in case that they have some doubt is alone to ask.

   Nov 27

Functional Dog Accessories

Dog backpack or backpacks for dogs to answer only the question remains, what canine backpack is suitable for which outdoor activity and where are the differences go? What is make sure and how should so a dog backpack. We introduce here the different dog backpacks of the Ruffwear brand, which the leader / specialist for functional canine outdoor accessories is without a doubt. Others including Aksia, offer their opinions as well. Singletrak – Pack, approach – Pack or Palisades Pack hot dog backpacks. Jim Vos can provide more clarity in the matter. The application goes beyond entertaining outdoor activities such as trail running, mountain biking, tours in the skiing and hiking area on overnight hiking trips or multi-day adventure walks in the wild. Singletrak-Pack of Singletrak-Pack (called also hydration Pack) is the ideal dog backpack designed for entertaining, but no less strenuous outdoor activities. The tight-fitting Singletrak-Pack offers space enough for the bare necessities. In it, the dog wears mostly water, folding dish, waste bags and maybe some treats.

Approach-Pack The dog Pack approach-Pack is suitable for comfortable 1-2 days hiking tours. The capacity of the panniers is big enough for water, folding Bowl, dog shoes, feces bags, food, treats, toys, first aid kit for dogs etc. Palisades-Pack Palisades-Pack of dog backpack is the right choice for multi-day hikes with overnight stays. He offers in the very practical, with an integrated water supply system and detachable panniers plenty of space for water (two reservoirs each with 1.0 liter capacity), folding Bowl, dog shoes, replacement collar and leash control bags, food treats, toys, first aid kit for dogs and even a dog bed as the bed of the Highlands. All-in sizes while the dog backpacks Singletrak Pack and Palisades Pack in 3 sizes, S, M and L (suitable for a bust of 55 cm to 120 cm and a capacity 2.4 L in the single Trak and 10 L-18 L in the Palisades Pack offered the dog backpack approach Pack can already for small agile dog to the) Be for use. The sizes range from XXS to L and comply with a chest measurement of at least 30 cm up to a maximum 120 cm and a 2 L 16 L capacity still applies that the speaker load should orient to the body weight of the dog instead of the seating capacity of the dog backpacks. Therefore the luggage may make 1/4 to 1/3 of the weight of the dog.

The payload would be E.G. a 20 kg dog between 5 kg (1/4) and 6.5 kg (1/3) fit of the dog backpack ideally have all 3 backpack models as SM device the dog harness, that with the five setting options ensure an exact fit of dog Backpack on the dog. The 3 setting options in the chest area you adjust the neck width but also the length once how far back the dishes. Before entering into pleasantly tight with the two belly straps, dog dishes, fix the panniers of the tableware with the front breast strap, so will an and swing off the bags avoided. Make sure that the panniers ehr top on the shoulders and not centered on the dog. Adjust this with the possibility of setting in the chest area.

   Nov 27

Respiratory Function

In addition to the external aspect, is You should evaluate respiratory function, examining the likely deviation of the septum causing obstruction of a nostril, which if present should be corrected in the same operation. From the aesthetic point of view the nose must be evaluated both front, profile and lip, and its size and shape in relation to the Chin and cheekbones. A harmony of the profile must be achieved. The duration of surgery is approximately one to two hours, depending on the case. THE importance of choosing a surgeon is very important that the person ask the surgeon that this considering that many surgeries done each year to perform the operation.

If the 1 or 2 a month ago, the person must compare those results with a doctor that makes surgery of nose with a lot more frequency. The person who wants to perform this operation on his nose, has to pay attention to the before and after nasal surgeries than the has done. The person needs to make a decision with adequate information see results of previous surgeries. Remember that any surgeon can make a nose surgery, but not everyone can actually do it properly. It is good that the plastic surgeon this Additionally certified in otolaryngology, is to say that the professional understand and observe not only the part aesthetic, but the functional part also. Objective the objective of the Rhinoplasty is refine the shape of your nose and bring it into harmony with their other traits.

This can not only give you a better profile, but it can go more than all that is that this enhanced appearance makes it feel very well with yourself, and therefore do you relate with others in a positive manner and with greater self-confidence same. NEW look in the days after surgery, when the face this amorotonada and puffy will be easy the person forget which is best vera. In fact, many patients become depressed for a period after plastic surgery, this is very normal and reasonable. Please rest assured that this stage will happen. Day after day his nose is best vera and his mood also improved. However the healing It is still a process slow and gradual. Visit Aksia for more clarity on the issue. Some swelling may be present for a few months, especially in the area of the tip of the nose. It is likely that the final results of a rhinoplasty are not apparent until a year or more.