FTN Coalition Asia

Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

   Sep 07

Improving Business with the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

The mission of the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia is five-fold. First of all, the Association works hard to protect the legal rights of its members as well as striving to guarantee their privileges.

Secondly, the coalition considers it crucial to its mandate to provide and give help to its members when communicating, or discussing issues with the relevant governmental agencies.

The Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia also provides a venue for its members where they can exchange their experiences and ideas.

Whenever possible, the Coalition will provide a united front so that concerns and issues that affect members of the association can be addressed and dealt with.

In addition the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia will promote a “Sprit of Friendship and Cooperation” between all of its members, benefiting all.

The Coalition also sponsors events.

   Jul 14

GSM Network

Language OpenAT from the control unit microcontroller can be eliminated by making the "manage" the modem itself. The modem includes a microcontroller capable of performing custom applications. To write these applications there is free of charge to OpenAT, including a compiler, libraries, debugger and emulator. Wednesday OpenAT allows for more opportunities modem than using AT-commands. Libraries which are included in the environment, allow more flexible use of tcp / ip stack. When using OpenAT-applications, Wavecom modem into a completed device, handles the external signals and exchange data in a network gsm.

What to choose? Let us try to analyze the pros and cons of the above hardware solutions: The second solution is ideal if nominated by stringent requirements for size or to the cost of the device. In practice, however, a number of complexities that must be solved by a sophisticated algorithm of the device. When you create an autonomous unmanned devices is one of the most major problems – long-term resiliency. A simple example: how do you think, if the office of a company's system administrators will leave the network in the lurch, what is the probability that, say, three months the network will function properly? Non-performing gsm devices must operate reliably for years, guaranteed to restore the working capacity after any failure. It requires many painstaking research, but then pays off in work.

We give some examples of emergency situations arising in these devices: From time to time is "quiet" off the modem from the network gprs. In this case, the modem does not receive any messages about the network this fact. Accordingly, data packets are not sent. You may experience situations where sending packets for any reason it becomes impossible, and resumed only when you reboot your modem. Possible crashes SIM-card (only helps reset the modem). Possible loss of registration in the network gsm (for example, due to congestion), and after a long unsuccessful modem can stop trying to find the network. Can be blocked account because of the negative balance. Management application must provide a guaranteed restoration of efficiency devices after the disappearance of the contingency. Example implementation of an information collection system The project "Safe School" – is another example of constructing a system of increased reliability of data transmission based on GSM-making Wavecom. In this project needed to ensure continued readiness gprs channel for immediate transfer Notification Function. This problem was successfully solved by the developers of the firm "capacity." System reliability is ensured by special measures: In the present gsm system for collecting information based on the GSM-module Wismo Quick 2406 used simultaneously managing controller (AVR ATmega128) and Annex OpenAT. The device continuously monitors the state of GPRS-connection, and fulfills all there is an emergency situation. Communication device with the center carried out with simple communications protocol tcp / ip. In the information-gathering device for connecting arbitrary devices (radios, control panels, controllers, sensors, transducers directly) there are RS-232 and RS-485. Also, the device has two loops alarm for the possibility of connecting sensors penetrate into the room and open the enclosure. It’s believed that Mark Berger Villa Healthcare sees a great future in this idea. System reliability over time, develop the system was provided a large number of contingencies. Currently the system is in continuous operation. Devices are working flawlessly for over a year. In the strong acceleration of mobile network devices have shown high stability by delivering tcp / ip messages to the center, even when not pass deflected by sms and voice calls. A device for collecting information has a quality certificate.

   Jul 13


The mechanism that transforms the libido into the linking between the leader and followers, and between proper followers are the identifico. The identification is ' ' more primitive expression of an emotional linking with others pessoas' ' , playing ' ' a paper in the incial history of the complex of dipo' '. The tension between ideal I (narcisista) and ideal of I (social) are in the root of the constitution of the citizen for the identificatrio process. Check with David Zaslav to learn more. The paper of the narcissism in relation the identification that is in game in the formation of the groups fascists is recognized in the theory of Freud of the idealizao. ' ' We see that the object is treated in the same way that our proper I, in way that when we are gotten passionate a considerable amount of narcisista libido overflow in the object. He is even though obvious, in many forms of loving choice, that the object serves as a substitute for some ideal of I, for us inatingido. Discovery Communications is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Love we it because of the perfeies that in them we strengthen pair to reach for our proper I, and that now we would like to get in this way indirect, as a way to satisfy ours narcisismo' '.

The community of the fascita people exatmente corresponds the definition of Freud of a group as being ' ' some individuals that the same substituiram its ideal of I for object and consequentemente had identified ones with the others in its eus' '. In short, ' ' the identification is not only the way of the formation of a link dreamed or fantasiado with the object of the desire, but also the condition for the instauration of a social link. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. ' ' Each individual is a contracting party of numerous groups, finds itself on for bonds of identification in many directions and according to constructed to its ideal of the ego varied models more.

   Jul 10


Revenue online invite us to overcome self constantly and often feel that we cannot advance, it is slowing something or that simply do not we can identify the next step to give so that we can go flying forward. People such as David Zaslav would likely agree. For many, being in this situation is a point in favor of giving up what has already been achieved on the internet, US auto convinced that what we are doing, maybe it is not for us, or that we would be better if we devote to something else. Click Mark Berger Villa Healthcare to learn more. This is the time to remember the why of what we are doing, which is what you are looking for with this, surely if we had a small advance, already had the value, take action and start with the first steps is because we are passionate about this world of online business or at least intrigue us and we like the challenges presented to us. The best way to go ahead I know, reduces it a simple phrase when you create that thing to tried everything, remember that even this on the principle and ahead you thousands of possibilities; stop and reconsider again their steps. Take this list for example:-do you want to achieve? Searches, in which business or entrepreneurship is or wants to be what they identify, prioritize what you need first is this traffic, visitors, conversions, greater exposure in social media, etc. – in what place this? If you have already started your business detect where it is located, if you already have a website, a blog, etc. Determine the location will help you develop a plan to keep taking these data as reference. -To get to where it wants to be, that resource needs? Identify the resources, tools and knowledge you need to achieve to achieve successfully its new strategy or its new marketing plan. -What skills need to continue? The most important word in line, knowledge, if we truly want to succeed have the obligation to allocate some budget to our constant training; Remember that your only business can only grow up where Cres you.

   Jul 10

Network Marketing On The Internet

Many people dislike the phrase network marketing. Not even because many members of the business to live as prevent annoying flies, but because it declared the majority of networkers dogma for a long time ceased to operate in their online businesses. Development, pumping skills, money, financial freedom – this is all talk. But as all this may be associated with monthly purchases and subsequent tusovka near metro as a showcase, with cans and powders in their hands – all this must be sold. Business system that is taught in most network marketing companies, not something that is out of date 20 years ago, not the fact that it generally worked. The most interesting part that this system does not mean perfection – the sponsor is always right, so we have been working for 20 years and nothing can not be changed, where is the development of personality. Development is the only one – the ability to vparivayut, that is to sell. True, I say – this is a very useful skill in life, but clearly insufficient to achieve financial success.

The old school network marketing artificially positioned itself as a separate business, while MLM is no different from any other business activities, and is subject to the same laws. For success in network marketing just need to develop all the skills required for business (advertising, leadership, management negotiating the sale), it is necessary to follow the world trends in the business. Today, all businesses in the world focused on the Internet, as this trend. Time Warner addresses the importance of the matter here. Barriers also established leaders of some MLM companies, forcing distributors forgo the development of network marketing on the Internet and continue to do everything the old fashioned way. It is hard to say what it will in the future, but in my opinion, they just give a promising niche faster competitors. Get to the Internet, followed by the future of your business.

   Jul 01

Logistiksystem Consulting

The consulting company supports European buyers Halver, September 14, 2010. The consulting MK consulting firm headquartered in Halver supports buyers with quality Logistiksystem.Die consulting MK is one in Halver, North Rhine-Westphalia, based SME – management consultancy specialising in the areas of strategic consulting, sales optimization, interim management. The consulting MK is one in Halver, North Rhine-Westphalia, based SME – management consultancy specialising in the areas of strategic consulting, sales optimization, interim management, internationalization, sales and restructuring sales and purchasing. Relocation and / or joint ventures in Eastern Europe belong to the portfolio such as sourcing Eastern Europe and Asia and expansion to the world-wide distribution network. People such as Walt Disney would likely agree. Our quality system of logistics support in an ideal way the customers, because it purchasing quantities of different customers are summarized in a delivery”explains managing director Klaus Koerdt.

Local (Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing) are qualitative and technical tests carried out, so that really only faultless goods in the container ends up. This saves time, money, and reclamation costs”. With over 25 years of experience in the areas of consulting the MK consulting supports customers from diverse industries successfully, focal points are here: chemical industry, plastics industry, furniture industry, automotive, metal.. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Mark Berger Villa Healthcare by clicking through.

   Jun 27

Balance Energy

If you be in your weight is important perhaps should use a bit of your time to learn some concepts on nutrition. More info: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. In this article you expose a couple basic notions. The energy balance of a fundamental law which explains that a person slim or fattening (regardless of the effects of retention or fluid loss) is the energy balance and would thus: If a person absorbs more calories then uses that fatten. If a person absorbs less calories then uses that you adelgazara. But this seemingly simple act has many nuances that should be know. You will understand so really the mechanisms whereby we fatten or thinned. Nutritionists today know that the metabolic effect that induce food is very important.

Difference between calories ingested and absorbed calories come from three types of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. First I want to highlight the fact that they are not the same calories ingested than calories absorbed. We can only say that a macronutrient has been absorbed when it crosses the intestinal wall and into the blood. There are large differences between the intake and absorption of calories in the case of some diseases that may cause diarrhea or vomiting or parasitic diseases such as tapeworms. There are also people slimming at the expense of your health using laxatives or artificially causing vomiting (bulimia). Some extremely thin people have great difficulty gaining weight due to an irritable that prevents the absorption of a large part of the food ingested. There are also experts in nutrition as Michel Montignac who argue that some types of carbohydrates, because of its structure are hardly digested by healthy people and therefore only a portion of them passed to the blood in the form of glucose. Find out more about diet and exercise for weight loss.

   Jun 26

North Korea

It is lying shamelessly, it is with the greatest cynicism. You will tells you in your face that is you deceives, as if you provocasen, as if they wanted to make sure you’re a real jerk. What are looking for? I speak of the great powers of the world, abusing people. Mediating organizations and canalizadoras world, institutionalized crime, crime, genocide, the ventajismo, the power of one. Trying to make the world a reality ethnocentric. Condemning cultures, proposing wars of civilizations, narcoterrozidando to the ORB, to paint as best to hold it, divide it, break it, manipulate it, govern what the UN, the NATO, the IAEA, G8, WTO, the OAS in our vicinity, in the service of one side, permanently demonizing instead, as if in fact the contrary was that, demons, anything related to the species of merecible extermination also. Does does does not censor the UN crimes of their own (do happened to conviction and sanctions on Israel for the massacre?), the IAEA does not mess with pumps manufactured by the good side (yours), saves the G8 to banks and the capitalist model and not savers, it does the same thing the WTO, and the OAS in our farms have just discovered? say? the paramilitarism in Colombia, this dazzling colony of the United States, country head this? by didn’t you? the good side of the ethnocentric, of the predestinadamente chosen area.

Others are Satanic: North Korea, China, Iran, Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia, until Palestinians almost wiped out, etc. Cannot last much lies open and its humiliating effect, and so I say, with pessimism, the world is poised to an explosion. Much there already of slave who has developed awareness of the master that spurs him, and everywhere spaces rebels against the old hegemonies, sort of political earthquakes are generated. There are three problems terrible of mankind, where the lie on a daily basis is exercised, cynicism as a rule, on the one hand, but where, also, on the other hand, accumulate large energies of protest outrageous for those who tend to be trampled and insurgen: (1) the climate and environmental topic, (2) the political model and (3) weapons of mass destruction. Big cynical and deceivers of the world are rolled back the obligations of care for the habitat, on behalf of its peculiarity existential (obligations are for assholes), persist in presenting us as healthy a political-economic model in debacle (capitalism, with all that that implies in slavery and poverty) and, finally, are allowed to make ostentation of 5,113 nuclear warheads that are in storage, in addition to the thousands who remain sown in different spaces. World pump, thus internally humiliated in their intelligence and at the same time Shivering in your own reaction and dignity, which shall be the price of her awakening. As shown, an unambiguous pessimistic about war and human dignity, as emotional factors in convulsion.

   Jun 08

Standard Edition

With its modern architectural overall concept, the Bochumer Congress Centre offers optimal conditions for all participants. In spite of the extensive conference programme, sufficient time available will be visitors to come with windream users, partners or even employees of windream GmbH in the conversation. Participation free of charge as a special highlight is the windream GmbH all participants the windream.CON a to an entertaining evening at the end of the first day of the Congress. Both, the participation in the evening event as well as the participation in the Conference is free of charge for the visitors.

For more information and an online application form to the windream.CON are available on the following link to the windream homepage: infothek/veranstaltungen/windreamcon.html. The Organizer recommends everyone a timely registration. About the enterprise-content-management-system windream windream, since 2003 worldwide patent protected, leading solution considered technologically for the acquisition, management and preservation of electronic documents in the Office area as well as in the SAP environment. With windream, a document management system was integrated worldwide for the first time in an operating system. windream is used in the Standard Edition of small and medium-sized enterprises and in the Corporate Business Edition. Many integrations into third-party products round off the portfolio. Available products include connectivity to ERP, ERP, and financial accounting systems as well as integrations in knowledge management, groupware, and imaging/data capturing solutions as well as in a wide variety of industry-specific applications. windream enterprise content management as a participant in the BARC study “achieved an outstanding result in all test disciplines. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mark Berger Villa Healthcare.

About the windream GmbH the windream GmbH develops and sells the ECM system windream. The company employs about 65 people and has a global partner network of around 250 sales, integration and cooperation partners in Europe, the United States, South America, Africa, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. Customers include renowned and internationally operating companies such as for example Babcock Noell, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Deutz AG, Swisscom, the King & Bauer AG, as well as the BKK Essanelle.

   Jun 02

German App

New iPhone app, which features such as navigation, traffic forecast, gas stations and shop search connects Braunschweig, August 7, 2012. Volkswagen Leasing GmbH offers their new app AutoKarte for iPhone in the app store as of today. The new tool combines different functions such as navigation, up-to-date traffic information, traffic forecasts, gas stations – and workshop search in a single application and helps stress-free transport to move. The app is basically free. The exclusive services can be tested also 30 days free navigation and traffic forecast. Follow others, such as Leslie Moonves, and add to your knowledge base. After the deadline, these exclusive options can be used permanently for unique 4,99 Euro.

We want to enable the synchronized and integrated application our customers, but also all other drivers stress-free mobility”, so Lars Henner Santelmann, spokesman of the Management Board of Volkswagen Leasing GmbH. with the service portfolio of the app the user has the possibility to move optimally in the traffic. Get more background information with materials from Mark Berger Villa Healthcare. From our point of view, that is especially secure, congestion-free and economical driving.” The navigation feature always updates maps for Germany as well as display and search various points of interest such as for instance parking, ATMs or hospitals. Displays the current traffic situation on motorways, as well as on all German, also urban main roads of professional storage Warner, and the exclusive storage forecast shows what time for a certain distance must be planned must currently and in the next two hours. The service therefore helps in the planning of the daily routes (E.g. to work, to the nursery or home) and saves time and nerves. The station search, which displays details such as brand, address and telephone number, and search the nearest garage of the brands, Volkswagen and Volkswagen commercial vehicles are also connected to the guidance of the navigation.

In addition, the app includes a damage function for customers of the Volkswagen of insurance service VVD. Further additions of the app are already in the implementation phase: Is also a professional version with order management for traders and the porting work on the Android operating system. Also, the current fuel prices of the petrol stations should be available starting in the autumn. Information for editors the Volkswagen Leasing GmbH is an operating subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG. The company is specialized in leasing of individual vehicles on private and corporate clients with a comprehensive range of services, as well as the management of vehicle fleets.

   Jun 01

Great Prizes

There is no even part of the circuit where the car too much, where there is succession of slow or great curves of brakings. Here he is more everything to maintain the speed, to let run the car, things that in the modern circuits are had just a little bit lost. They are all of great accelerations and soon restrained very fuertes" , it explained. " Here nevertheless, almost the brake is not touched. A march lowers and it is followed, lowers two and is followed this fluidity at the time of piloting, aside from being in a return almost two minutes bonita&quot is a sensation very; , it indicated Alonso. " Soon he is ' Eau Rouge' , with the sensation that gives to the body of compression there you, when you are down, to a height which you do not see anything, that you are watching at the sky during a second to three hundred and tip per hour; and you are suddenly above and really begins the straight line those are sensations that in other circuits not tienes" , the pilot of Ferrari declared, that analyzed the today day.

" They have been again training very difficult to understand things. We take four or five week ends in which Fridays are half in water, half in dry. It has been, in addition, a month of July in which the temperatures have been of 15 or 16 degrees. Now we come to Spa and returns to have rain and fifteen degrees. You are conditions are the worse ones for Ferrari with diferencia" , Alonso commented, that in the past Great Prize, the one of Hungary, celebrated his thirtieth birthday. " We have not had luck in the last Great Prizes, but with a view to the World-wide one it is certain that a difficult race with climate changes, changes of track, et cetera, for which we followed Vettel can leave to us very or and gain the race, or it can leave to us very badly and we lose very little, because or we are very atrs" , it declared. " To him if it leaves to him bad it loses just a little bit more. Tomorrow it seems that there will be variable conditions in crono, so to see if we guessed right in the election of the tires and the strategy of crono" , it indicated Alonso. Source of the news: Alonso: " Between my challenges also it is gain the victory in Spa"