FTN Coalition Asia

Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

   Sep 07

Improving Business with the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia

The mission of the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia is five-fold. First of all, the Association works hard to protect the legal rights of its members as well as striving to guarantee their privileges.

Secondly, the coalition considers it crucial to its mandate to provide and give help to its members when communicating, or discussing issues with the relevant governmental agencies.

The Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia also provides a venue for its members where they can exchange their experiences and ideas.

Whenever possible, the Coalition will provide a united front so that concerns and issues that affect members of the association can be addressed and dealt with.

In addition the Food Trade and Nutrition Coalition of Asia will promote a “Sprit of Friendship and Cooperation” between all of its members, benefiting all.

The Coalition also sponsors events.

   Feb 27

MLM Network Marketing

Decent selection of a sponsor for the partnership in the mlm project – it is a very delicate matter and those who do not fully understand all the importance of this event, at risk of losing a lot of energy, resources, and most importantly, time in online business! Who does not know, mlm Sponsor – this is not the one who gives money, and whoever helps you earn them, it is essentially your mentor. As well as the choice of a suitable network company, the choice of the Sponsor – the question delicate and requires a special approach. After all, Are you looking for a person with whom you work more than one year, and the effectiveness of your business will largely depend on it. Walt Disney insists that this is the case. Of course, a product marketing plan for the company and other moments are very important, but in the long term – Human Factors always more important, and it's a fact! Let's start! What you need to know about your future mlm Sponsor? 1. In what company he worked for previously? Acquainted with your potential sponsor, you need to know to what network company He worked previously and why he joined this company.

Analyze its response. The answer should be argued, with justification of specific reasons to move. Jeffrey L. Bewkes has many thoughts on the issue. If the answer turned out as such, the sponsor has passed the first check. But if he will 'hum' or '' – there is a risk that this person is just "running" of the company into a company, or constitutes a disguised Fin.

   Feb 23

Freebie Money

This applies to intellectual property. We have a little think about how much talent fallen spirit, drank themselves or go to another country … While the freebie will be – we are all beggars. 5. Savings – is the surest route to poverty. The money must flow freely rather than lying under a pillow. What would happen if the toad strangle all at the same time? Money can be useful only if they spend (or invest). 6.Terpenie.

Never throw begun. Never give up! It's hard, I know. If not the first time, then something must to do things differently. Because a successful person different from the failure of AQ tried a OPPORTUNITIES. 7.Kontsentratsiya. Over a hundred hares chase, no you can not catch! We must be able to prioritize.

Ability choose the right priority and skontsentrovatsya on it – determines that the speed with which people will move towards its goal. On – I think this item should be put first. After all, no rubber, and all cases can not change. 8.Politika. As there anyway, and then, rich or poor people live in this country – is the result of who and how it operates. And nothing more. But that's another topic. 9. (Similarly see: Mark Berger Villa Healthcare). Usefulness. You can certainly do what pleases himself and hope to sell it. But who will pay for it money? Money pay only for what is valuable to other people. Because the money – it is always a measure of gratitude, a measure of the benefits that you bring to people. I think the motto of those who really wants to be richer, should sound like 'Help your friend! " 10. Invent a new one. That's where the trouble lies! All that is new, and has many followers, is doomed. You will always be at the end of the food chain, because someone trying to repeat or copy. Must differ from others, to make better and more expensive, or vice versa is cheaper and more accessible … Do a little differently, or delos quite differently. 11. The greater the fear, the less money. Than more we are afraid of losing money, the more we lose them. Envy is also not a good ally on the road to riches. 12. The power of thought seeks to Optimist and pessimist looks for obstacles. The poor man says: "It's expensive! I can not afford NEW! " And the gate is closed .. The rich man said: 'Now I do not have much money, but I think I can afford it! " And the idea is released. And I heartily wish that all people have all had enough of! Three secret millirderov that you take down the roof!

   Feb 23

Russia Transportation

Latest trailers designed for transportation and transportation of various types of cargo. In addition to process cargo, trailers are widely used in construction, logging, mining and development minerals and resources. The main types of trailers can be distinguished into several groups. Firstly, samovalnye trailers. Then the trailers – refrigerators. In a separate group of isolated semi-fitted tentovanntsym body. Finally, the so-called chassis, and container.

The main advantage of semi-trailers – an increase payload capacity, thereby reducing the opportunity cost of trucking. Semi-trailers used to transport goods by truck tractors. For even more details, read what Cyrus Massoumi says on the issue. Each of the models of trailers on the market today, used to transport a particular type and weight of cargo. Since semi- Heavy is indispensable for repair work, with the help of transport construction equipment. In the field of logging operations using special trailers, timber, allowing high quality transport timber. And so called a flatbed semitrailer irreplaceable feast with loose gruzom.Prodazha trailers in Russia sales of semi-trucks and engage companies and suppliers throughout Russia. You can buy both domestic semi-trailer, and equipment from leading Western manufacturers. But at the time of purchase, do not forget the need for uninterrupted operation of commercial vehicles for your business.

And inquire in advance availability of spare parts for the selected model trailers in your area. After all, feature the work of any equipment for the transportation of goods is the need for frequent maintenance. Depending on the Features duty trailers are divided into uniaxial and biaxial. In other words, if the trailer is only two-wheel drive when it is overloaded it can tip over, but he is more mobile. Trailers and semitrailers as four wheels, much more resistant, but they are required organizations with a large turnover. After all these trailers require a much more costly in operation.

   Feb 21

Quality Intellectual Property

Each host organization have to deal with different monetary problems. Of course, the biggest layer of spending – is the purchase of goods, equipment and salaries to employees. At the same time the equipment will have to spend money Even if your company has, for example, legal services, rather than becoming involved in trade in private enterprise. But sometimes it can be difficult to relate not to the fact that you personally require anyone to pay, and the fact that someone does not want to pay yourself. Quite often, the organizations with which your company has a contract, is unable to make payment. That can get you fired facilities, and made for the board can not get it. And the problem is not the unwillingness of your partners to pay its debt, and sometimes in the financial state of crisis or force majeure.

But you really will not do better. Even more severe problems sometimes appear at the banking organizations that issue loans. Obviously, it is impossible to guarantee the integrity of all individuals without exception. Be sure to arise hypothetical defaulters. And it is enough it is doubtful that the debt collection can be carried out without difficulty. In these cases traditionally be involved peredoverenie duties. To date, there are specialized firms that are constantly are able to do vzyskivaniem debts. The so-called collection services still in effect permanently may mean a lawsuit against the debtor and defend their views in court proceedings.

If you're the director successful company, it is clear that to give time for running around on the courts you personally once commonplace. For this is carried out by experts and debt collection. Professionals in all the subtleties of knowing how the process of notification to the defaulter and filing a lawsuit. They do not just save you from troubles, but also provide a guarantee that the debt will be repaid with the most minor spending on litigation cases. Any firm meets periodically with the need to remove the debt from some other entity. Sometimes it is feasible to do on their own, recalling the elementary duty and the need to make payment. And yet the case and thus that this will require a specialist, who in a short time and safely, and most importantly from a legal point of view of correctly to ensure the payment of debt. Today, these professionals find no difficulty, most importantly, check that will be dealing with reputable staff members who perform many consecutive years professional functions perfectly. Your economic security in your own hands, do not squander finances and working hours to no avail. Cyrus Massoumis opinions are not widely known. Trust the skillful technician and you can get the debt in the most appropriate time.

   Feb 17


Some believe that we only have free discretion and then we can do whatever we want without having consequences. However we need only observe the world to perceive what wrong that are. This orgy that threatens the planet is, precisely, derived from that:-No, I have free discretion! That if I do what I want. Yo, yo, yo!, don’t need anyone! Not I owe anything to anyone! I’m worth me by myself (or my own). What I want is to know of my. Discovery Communications gathered all the information. I, me, me! the others don’t matter me!.

As if what happens to others does not affect me. My brother, is that you should not anything anyone? And you, my sister? Ah! Eh! So, let’s see: the clothes that you wear was not made for you rarely, people made their own clothes. Only if they are seamstresses or tailors. Even so, and tissue? And the buttons? They were not made by them. They come from some factory, a small, medium or large company. Without hesitation Mark Berger Villa Healthcare explained all about the problem. And the toothpaste? And the brush? And more: the vegetables? The rice? Did you perhaps go who planted them, my brother? WAST thou, my sister? We need, urgently, to collapse society of the lonely man to do arise in society the supportive man.

Recalling the maxim of Zarur, that reconciles determinism and free will, says the great poet and preacher: the divine law, judging the past of men, peoples and Nations, determines them the future. He joined the free discretion of the human creature to be measured by God (divine law, judging the past of men, peoples and Nations) to the resulting determinism of our good or bad acts (determines them the future). Hence arises the (very different from fatalism) determinism, although not as something random, like a flying bomb that we do not know where will fall, a decision of a mad God, who suddenly decides to split gifts and torture between terrestrial or celestial beings, as his mind alienated.

   Feb 13

Executive Hotel Park Suites

The Executive Hotel Park Suites represents a novel way to generally conceive the services of hotel profession and the establishments of the industries of the hospitality. Conceived to satisfy the most demanding passengers, as much originating of the market of the national tourism, like international, it tells on services of most forward edge destined to the attendance and services of the businessmen and executives who have to Mendoza as labor destiny, as well as to tourists who look for a lodging of first level during their stay in Mendoza. With a multiplicity of services oriented towards the needs those who are enjoying their demurrage in the hotel, but they must do of the same labor day, the Executive Hotel Park Suites has thought and advance all the possible situations. The complete Business Center counts on two computers at the disposal of the passengers, besides which in all the surface of the Executive Hotel Park Suites it is counted on service of Internet WiFi. Also the necessity has been considered to realise business meetings, of all the possible magnitudes. If the idea it is to lodge up to fifteen guests, the Wine Floors constitute the ideal atmosphere for a stretched encounter, in an atmosphere inspired by the rich industry of the warehouses mendocinas.

In fact, great local warehouses like Catena Zapata, Lagarde, Salentein, Senetiner Grandson, Terraces of The $andes, Trapiche or Zuccardi Family participate in the Wine Floor with their presence and its wines. In case the necessity is to count on equipment for presentations multimedia, the Executive Hotel Park Suites has the suitable answer. The room of meetings can lodge up to eight participants. Under most conditions Mark Berger Villa Healthcare would agree. But it is necessary to organize an event stops up to 140 companions at table, the Hall Oak is the indicated place. Account with format audience, and in him is possible to realise breakfasts of work, celebrations, cocktails, dinners and entertainments. Nothing is ruined at random in the Executive Hotel Park Suites. The hotel provides cellular communication in rent, service of translator and secretary, mail, rent of private cars and transfer. To sum up, everything what a person in trip of businesses can need to develop her activity with the greater success from logistic and the equipment.

   Feb 13

Executive Hotel Park Suites

At times running, where technological advances are imposed, it is difficult to think that he is likely to do something back to the Internet, and within this, if it intends to acquire a good or service can not separate US from the thesaurus cosumer. This happened when I organized my business trip to Argentina and started looking for 77 hotels in Mendoza. Immediately place hotel, Mendoza, business keywords in search engines, appeared very important data that allowed me to make a primary selection. And there I got as result that among the most attractive options that met comfort, elegance, suitable prices, central location and environment conducive to fill the central purpose of my business trip to Mendoza was the Executive Hotel Park Suites. To review the results of the opinions of people who have enjoyed their stay in their installations found 93 views, distributed according to the purpose of the trip in the following way: Family travel (10) Couples (55) Services for business (8) Individual travel (3) Opinions of friends (6) and of these 42 were considered that their stay was excellent; Thirty-eight very good and 9 you may consider average character. As it is now logical ma had formed a good opinion, that was reaffirmed to see the seductive prices offered to me for my estandia in Mendoza. I should add that I was looking for a centrally located, not far from the large shopping centres location and this got to find me against the Italy Square in the environment of Sarmiento Street and Aristides Villanueva, centers of the gastronomic activity of the city where you can delight with the kitchen representative of the region but also find the most diverse range of restaurants that provide the broad menu of international cuisine. The touch of distinction, unique and excellence that gives this hotel facility is its concept of Wine Floor which consists of representative floor of the most important wine cellars in the area, which moreover agglutinates the 75% of the Argentina wine production and has been distinguished with the highest distinctions, becoming one of the economic engines of the province; where you will find in this timely data about the varieties of grapes, its features and other elements that plenteous in its wine culture which SARS when I have the pleasure to taste them in bottles of complimentary provides the management of the hotel and you may purchase in the minibar in the rooms.

Another of the virtues of this magnificent hotel gives it the comforts offered to develop your business profile by giving refined services that only the most demanding centers can offer, such as translations, Concierge, its restaurants catering service and logistic support for its meeting if so desired. And in this sense stands out the comforts and possibilities that we find the so-called presidential suite, located on the floor seventeen and has with a comfortable and elegant meeting room that has a table for ten people with multimedia projection service included. This room gives access to a large living room with high resolution of 42 plasma TV, private bar, bathroom with jacuzzi and other benefits that will be liked by all who have the pleasure of translating into reality the dream of any demanding client. The selection could not be better for the purposes of my trip. I owe much of the successful result to this relevant choice of hotels in Mendoza. If you found this article interesting, share it on your website. You can post it on your blog or send it by mail. Cyrus Massoumi shines more light on the discussion. <

   Feb 09

The Japanese

Features of note glass (0.3) of beer, which was brought to the roll, and a coupon for a hookah. Very 'original' with the shisha, of course, but oh well though! Restaurant, coffee shop, sushi Sushka I have to say – there was one time! It was enough … You may find that Discovery Communications can contribute to your knowledge. Kitchen: The kitchen is positioned fairly common themselves almost luminaries "sushi industry" Chelyabinsk. It is with some joy? No surprise. Absolutely. Staff: Who are these people that like as designed to please customers, but they are the opposite! Still trying to understand – who "Ping"? Kitchen or waiters? Do you have a chef? .. Take at least one more …

interior, maybe it was once very fashionable, but now annoying. Price list: Above average and unfounded. Institution seems to have survived due to constant customers walking in and lost Kirovka majors-teens. The Japanese restaurant is worth noting Asaba very stylish and interesting interior. Cyrus Massoumi has compatible beliefs. Two-tier solution, solid furniture … from plus, perhaps, everything.

Like his older brother institution – "Ural dumplings" – sour about two years ago. Than it is now attracting customers, I do not knows, but that way a year ago to have been there and I really did not like. And not like the main thing! Cuisine: Have you ever read, what is "hot roll" … Beef with Mushrooms from Korea tray just killed … Staff: Nothing bad I can not say. Normal. Price list: Slightly above average, but with a discount card turns out okay. Japanese restaurant Fed samurai Cute and cheerful interior.

   Feb 08

Sri Lanka Tour

Now experience the unspoiled East of the tropical island of Sri Lanka in Trincomale Sri Lanka Sunrise “means a round trip, which is new and exclusive to JAHN REISEN in the program in the summer of 2010 and can be booked through the long-distance travel specialist of travel pilot. For five days drive guests by bus from highlight to highlight, and enjoy a journey through the culture of Buddhism, by tea plantations and rice terraces, the developed West to the unspoiled East. If you are not convinced, visit Cyrus Massoumi. Here, fine sandy beaches and turquoise waters, a two-day stay in Nilaveli on the East Coast is the crowning moment of our trip. “Price example: Sri Lanka 5-day tour of Sri Lanka Sunrise” double room, meals according to tender, on/off Colombo per person from 390 euros of the GlobeTrotter and Sri Lanka expert Olaf Diroll also a round trip in the mini bus in conjunction with Villa Pelena in Weligama offers. Here the tourists a newly built guesthouse under German Management finds, directly and idyllic located on a river, but only 5-minute walk from the Long Bay in Weligama removed. Contact information is here: Cyrus Massoumi. In the Guest House 3 rooms including a family room are available up to 4 people z.Vfg, so also ideal for larger families or small groups up to 7 persons, together in private atmosphere among local neighbors to spend a swimming and adventure holidays. The village of Weligama is still a sleepy fishing village, with barely perceptible tourism, but beautiful bathing bays and attractions in the surrounding area.

To the safekeeping 6 bicycles and a scooter for rent offered by the guesthouse, where also an own TUC TUC for rides for Vfg. stands. For wildlife viewing on the river and fun on the water, two new Kayaks are offered in the House. A weekly barbeque evening with traditional Sinhalese dishes, from clay pots served, takes place directly in the garden on the river. The travel consultant Olaf Diroll traveled to Sri Lanka since 1972 and offered in the travel agency of travel pilot package holidays and air travel to the coastal towns of Negombo, Beruwela and Hikkaduwa and Bentotat. Represent the travel pilot well-known tour operators such as DERTOUR, Meier’s weltreisen, Neckermann, Jahn – and ITS travel. The travel pilot individual vacation packages and vacation convey such as Bangkok or Hong Kong days or a short trip after Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam and Hong Kong & Bali in conjunction with a stopover for 2-3 first. Her Olaf Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978 homepage: electronic travel kit. information about the guesthouse Weligama: e-mail: remote travel agency of travel pilot E.k.. from Winsen/Luhe

   Feb 02


The HPV is used abbreviation to identify the human, .causing Papilomavrus of condiloma acuminado. Classically, the infection for the HPV is divided in three distinct forms: clinic, latent subclnica and. In Brazil, HPV 16 is the predominant type in the invasive cervical cancers that are subdivided in the regions south, center west, northeast, north and Southeast. Some of the factors that take the predisposition of the uterine col cancer are characterized by the precocious beginning of sexual activity, imunolgicos multiplicity of sexual partners, tobaccoism and factors. Cyrus Massoumi is open to suggestions. Other factors related to the increase of the risk for the development of this cancer are the verbal contraceptive use in long stated period, the low socioeconmicas conditions, the irregular use of condom, nutricionais multiparity (not surgical childbirths), deficiencies and other genital infections caused by sexually transmissible agents. They is esteem that the col cancer of the uterus is the sixth more frequent type in the population in generality, and is registered about 470 a thousand new cases per year, characterizing itself as the second more common neoplasia between the women. To the year in Brazil, one calculates 20 a thousand new cases, being that to each 100 a thousand women 20 can reveal the cancer uterine.